Counselor's Information

The general areas of responsibilities for the Palo Verde Counseling Department are outlined in "Counseling & Guidance 2014-2015". This document can be accessed in the link below. If you have any question please contact us a 702-799-1450 ext. 4300 Thank you.


School Number
David Pearce - Asst. Principal
Ext. 4202
Koni Whitaker
Secretary Ext-4300
Michele Brown
(I.B, Testing) Ext. 4305
Todd Steffenhagen
(A - Ch) Ext. 4308
Kathleen Dambro
(Ci-Hav) Ext. 4303
Kara Wintermute
(Haw-Mcc) Ext. 4307
John Ivers
(Mcd-Sb) Ext. 4302
Betsy Brown
(Sc-Z) Ext. 4301