Need to Know

If you are enrolled in Algebra 2 or Geometry for the 2017-18 school year, please read the letter below regarding your class.

Keep yourself informed by taking the time to read the "Student Handbook".

Microsoft Office Professional is now available free of charge to all active secondary students (grades 6-12) in CCSD through the Microsoft Student Advantage Office 365 program. Students will use their Active Directory login ID and password to download the software. Schools are responsible for providing students with their Active Directory credentials. Those students that require assistance with their AD account or password see Mrs. Gubler in the main office.

CCSD provides general student and parent information on it's website. Goto

The Clark County School District is a google school district provideing it's students and staff with access to full power of Google Apps and more. To learn more about the the resource that Google provides our students go to: to start learning.

Below is a link to the most recent profile for Palo Verde High School.

The link below is information on the Palo Verde Dress Code for Students. Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the policy.

The Clark County School District suggests the following precautionary measures for parents and their children. Parents are urged to have frank discussions with their children about the information contained in the link below.

The Clark County School District has established a discipline plan for the progressive discipline of pupils and on-site review of disciplinary decisions. The plan was developed with the input and participation of teachers, other educational personnel (counselors, strategists and specialists), support personnel, and the parents and guardians of pupils who are enrolled within CCSD.

The Clark County School District believes that the level of collaboration between families and educators is an important predictor of student academic achievement. For more information please click the link below

On January 1, 2015 a new state law, SB269, will took effect and established a new school attendance requirement for application and maintenance of student learner’s permits and driver’s licenses.